15 December, 2015

Its finished!

Finally, after six years of primary school & five years of high school.. I've finished it! I've took my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Examination and ended it on 7 December :) . My last paper was Ekonomi Rumah Tangga.

Schooling years was filled with ups and downs. There are so many memories that I've collected through out the years. Let me share something about my high school years. I have changed 3 schools along my High School years. I went to SMK Seri Perling for a year ( 2011 ) then, I moved to SMK Mutiara Rini for 3 months! hahaha ( January 2012 - March 2012 ) then only I clear up my mind and stayed in SMK Taman Universiti for 4 years ! I changed school because I move to a new house. It was hard to sesuaikan diri in a new school till I change in SMK Taman Universiti. My first year in SMKTUN ( SMK Taman Universirti ) was hectic and challenging... a lot of hatred and fitnahs from....... ( biarlah rahsia ) .. haha. But when i step in the morning session everything was fine! 

In 2013, which I was in Form 3, I entered The Police Cadet. That was went I started to be an active student in curricular activities. I was one of the team till my last year in school (2015) . Police Cadet have been one of the most memories that I have in my High School years. We trained every year for 3 months to achieve victory! We won the 1st place 2 years in a row! But sadly in 2015 we won the second place. It was sad but we stay strong and think positive! . Okay, I was also a member of the Theater club. I was the secretary of the club. I went active this year ( 2015 ). Our theater club was not so active before but this year I think its the most active year! Lots of activity had been held by the club members :) I am proud of them. 

Okay next, My schooling years was always sad because my result was always bad and not good... ( seriously ;( ) But this year ( 2015 ) Alhamdulillah, I gain all my confidence and I try super duper hard to get a good result and to achieve good grades. My result for this years was so good and it made me shock! ( Hoping for the best for my SPM result ) . This year also I became on of the " Pebimbing Rakan Sebaya " ( Counselling Club ) .. after entering this club, I was attached with positivity in my self. I realised how Important is to excel in SPM ( sebelum ni asyik main je sebenarnya :P ) . I'm glad to enter the community member.

School was also the place where I spent my days with my beloved friends and him ( My khairil la ) hahaha. Everyday will be filled with their laughter, but not now as we will rarely meet because school is over and everyone is attached with their own commitment :( .. ( One of the reason why I'm sad that school is over ) hmm. 

School has bring a lot of memory to me, tidak kisahla gembira, sedih mahupun duka. Tapi school is the place where i'll learn new things and socialised. I'm surely will miss the atmosphere in school.. whatever it is, life has to move on. 

I'm quite excited for College/University life.. weehooO! 

Ok, got to go! Bye guys